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What We Do

Most advanced scientific and enterprize software

Our primary focus is to create highly customized, complex Scientific and Enterprise software. From Bioinformatics and LIMS systems, EMR mining and Big Data to globally integrated procurement solutions, we design, develop, support and maintain softare uniquely fitted to your needs.

Effective Dynamics is a hybrid consulting company. We will look at your business or research process, fully understand it and suggest improvements and optimizations that work for your specific situation, needs and even individual team members. Then we will develop a highly customized software application shrink-wrapped around that process

Being located in La Jolla, CA - one of the largest Biotech hubs in the world - our team has substantial experience creating applications and LIMS systems for various scientific functions. We have developed applications to support entire drug discovery pipelines, including reagent management, compound registration, assay management, pharmacology and analytical chemistry support, experimental data warehouse and much, much more.


Step 1. Understanding your business process

Don’t have time to put together a formal requirements document? No problem! Our experienced analysts will be happy to talk to all the stakeholders and end users to understand your needs.


Step 2. Business Process Optimization

Nobody knows your business better than you, but we can help you sort out the details allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. Once we know what's needed, we can suggest ways in which software can make the process more efficient.


Step 3. Designing and developing custom software

Our approach to software development is called “Rapid Prototyping”. That means in a very short time we will present you with a functional prototype of the final application. End users will be able to play with it and test various functions they need. From there you and our analysts will go through iterations of improvements and customizations that will eventually produce the desired result. In our experience this is much better approach than when all the requirements are written in stone in advance. End users often don’t have a clear understanding of what they want. Changing even minor fixed requirements can often be very long and costly process, while rapid prototyping allows a lot more flexibility in both features and cost control.


Step 4. Integrating new software into your environment

We will do everything to make your new software system integrate seamlessly into your existing environment. Our software is designed to play nice with various platforms and systems you might already have. It can be integrated with your authentication and authorization systems, ERPs, financial, scientific or engineering software.


Step 5.Training users

We believe even the most complex software should be intuitive and straightforward for the user. That said, we will collaborate with the business owner on your side to organize as many training sessions as required to make the users comfortable with their new tools. Typically, one session is quite enough.


Step 6. Continuous support

All our software comes with 6 months of free warranty. That means any bugs or problems that you find within that time will be fixed quickly and for no cost to you. Additionally we offer affordable maintenance and support plan that entitles you to all new updates and feature releases, as well as end user support. Our customer support is located in the US and you can count on timely and knowledgeable response.

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Contact Us

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The easiest way to contact us is by email: info@effectivedynamics.com.

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